Reflexology - $65

At MiriEffect Skincare, we offer a 45-minute Reflexology treatment with aromatherapy and a 15-minute enhancement to any facial or waxing service we call “Relax-ology” for only $30. If you’ve never experienced reflexology, the Relax-ology enhancement is the perfect introduction.

Reflexology is a form of natural holistic therapy utilizing the techniques of human touch. A reflex is when stimulation at one point brings about a response in another point or area. Using touch therapy, the therapist is able to assess imbalances in the body and treat while inducing optimal relaxation. 


-       Increases circulation to the extremities

-       Detoxifies and rebalances the body structures and systems

-       Relieves stress and induces relaxation

This treatment cannot be performed on guests that meet the following criteria: 

-       Pregnant in first trimester

-       Heart condition

-       Thrombosis

-       Infectious diseases

-       Open wounds/cuts/abrasions

-       Cancer

-       I.U.D

-       On medication for blood pressure/epilepsy/diabetes

-       Any condition where reduced nerve sensation is apparent